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Embossed Plates and Stamped Tags

  • Embossed Plates

    Embossing is a marking method that produces raised characters on metal, which is what these metal nameplates are — plates with raised characters on them. These embossed plates can be used for many different purposes, and this is due to the very strong and durable designs that can be made on them. The method that is used to create these plates, which creates 3-Dimensional text, designs, and images on metal, makes your tags stand out. These plates are produced with the use of a male and female die, which are used to stamp designs onto the metal sheets that are to be later cut into the shapes these are supposed to come in. For the embossed plates to come out as cleanly and as precise as they should be, heat is applied while the stamping is occuring. This creates smoother designs which are also very durable and rather difficult to deface or damage. Since these stamps or dies need to be custom made to your specifications, there will be a one time charge for the creation of the dies needed for embossed metal plates. These embossed metal nameplates can be used for many different applications and can be painted or inked in after stamping. Embossed metal plates have a number of characteristics that make these the prime metal nameplate choice for many, and these include 3-dimensional appeal, design detail, durability of the metal plate due to the manufacturing method used, and versatility of use.

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  • Stamped Tags

    Stamped tags are created in a similar fashion as embossed plates. This produces either raised or recessed text, designs, or copy on such plates, depending on what your specification are. This particular marking method is used on military dog tags, which are made out of stainless steel, and on serial number plates, which can also be made using stainless steel, bronze, brass or aluminum plates. By stamping into the metal with a steel type, the characters needed for the nameplate is produced. These tags are almost as durable as etched plates, but without having to spend as much. For this process, the copy is generally set with existing steel type from our inventory, but a special die can be produced if other typestyles are needed. For special dies, please contact us so we can have this specially made for your stamped metal nameplate production. Stamping can also be done by hand with the use of any of our readily available hand-held stamping devices. These marking devices are often used to create unique alphanumeric combinations that can be added to asset tags, model and serial plates, and inventory tags. Hand-stamping can be done with detail presses, typewriter-type stamping devices, and dies that need to be struck with a hammer in order to create the recessed designs and details that you need.

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