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Personnel Plates and Holders

Desk plates in a variety of sizes, colors, and holders
  • Personnel Plates

    These plates are generally manufactured by cutting through a top layer of plastic to expose the bottom layer of plastic (usually a contrasting color). Metallic plates can also be engraved and filled with a contrasting color. These plates are very durable and while they too can be generated by computers the mechanical engraving for complex styles may become costly. Other methods include reverse engraving, which can give a beautiful 3 dimensional effect, and vinyl diecutting, which allows the greatest design flexibility.
  • Holders

    Traditional holders can be furnished in extruded gold or silver anodized aluminum as well as walnut wood bases. Architectural frames and holders can be custom made from extruded aluminum or decorative molded plastic. These systems are designed for decorative interior signage, directories, changeable messages and ADA signage.