Embossers and Seals

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Pocket Embossers

Convenient, compact and portable. Has a 1-3/4" reach. Handle style may vary.

Small Desk Embossers

Compact desk embosser for light duty embossing. Has a reach of 1-3/4". Handle style may vary.

Regulation Desk Embossers

Excellent embosser for everyday use and has a solid base with 4 non-skid feet for stability. This embosser has a 2-1/2" reach. Handle style may vary.

Long Reach Desk Embosser

This embosser has all the features of the regulation desk embosser. It measures approximately 8-1/2" long and has a 4-1/2" reach. Handle style may vary.

Premium Embossers

Premium Embossers are a classy vintage style embosser meant to be displayed on a desk, in an office or study. They are available in a Gold, Chrome or Black with laser engraved plastic die. and make an excellent personal or professional gift

ClassiX Seal Highlighter

ClassiX Seal Highlighter used to include an ink color to your embossed image

Gold Foil Seals

Adhesive gold foil seals that come blank ready to be embossed.

PerfectSeal Electric Embossers

PerfectSeal Electric Embossers

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