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Inks & Thinners, Pads & Accessories

Common Stamp accessories include Stamp Holders, stamp pads and various specialty Inks.
  • Stamp Pads

    Stamp pads for hand stamps in 3 sizes and in the colors black, blue, green, red and violet
  • Inks & Thinners

    We offer a variety of inks. Be sure to order the ink that is appropriate to you and do not use inks for purposes other than specified. Note that use of fast drying (or alcohol based) will destroy a standard hand stamp. If you need to use these inks please specify that you need a synthetic die on your stamps.
  • Stamp Racks

    If you are accumulating large numbers of stamps these racks are a very useful way to store your stamps. Stamp rack for up to 20 stamps, four different sizes
  • Xstamper Stamp Trays

    Keep your stamps orderly and right at your fingertips. Large size holds 5 Jumbo Stamps. Small size holds 7 Title Stamps or 12 Specialty Stamps.