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NOTARY Stamps & NOTARY Items

  • NOTARY STAMPS - Pre-Inked

    Pre Inked Stamps and Self Inking Stamps do not require the use of separate stamps pads and are generally considered less messy than the standard hand stamp. The advantage of a Pre Inked Stamp is the generally better feel of the handle and the ease of the stamping motion. The Pre Inked Stamp has sufficient ink for thousands of impressions and can be reinked for thousands more. Pre Inked Stamps are the most convenient and the most costly of all the stamp options.
  • NOTARY STAMPS - Self-Inking

    Self Inking Stamps like Pre Inked Stamps do not require a separate stamp pad. The pad is built into the machines themselves and can be replaced. The shape and feel of the stamping motion are not equal to the Pre Inked Stamp but the Self Inking Stamp is generally less costly.