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Bar Code Plates

Bar Code Plates

Bar Code Plates

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We offer a wide variety of barcode and UID plates for your many identification needs. These barcoded metal nameplates come with your choice of barcode format and in a many different sizes. Made out of any material you choose, these plates are highly durable and long lasting, making these very cost effective tracking and marking options. Aside from the many thicknesses that you can choose from — which range from a .003 inch to a .060 inch choice — you can also choose what size these tags are to be made in. You can also select what copy to place on your tags. This can include your company’s name, your logo, or simply have the code that you need for tracking and inventory purposes. Aside from these, you can also choose to have more than one code added to your tags. This can include linear, parallel, and 2D symbologies. You can even opt to add serial and model numbers to these tags, if that is the kind of metal nameplate that you require. The many options you have for barcodes and 2D codes that can be added to your plates include commonly used local and international codes.

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