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Domed labels, as the name suggests, are labels with a domed top. The domed appearance of these labels come from the application of a clear polurethane resin that not only adds a protective coating to the label underneath, but also gives it a 3-Dimensional look that is very eye-catching. Doming is a great way to enhance product labels since this gives your company's tags that added protective coating that makes it resistant to numerous harsh conditions and substances. Aside from this, it also makes your brand stand out more since the dome top makes the label underneath pop. These tags are made in a few simple yet precise steps to create the kind of label that is sure to help increase brand familiarity and popularity. The first step involves the creation of the tag, which can be made from any of the available metal nameplate and label materials that can be found here. The next step involves the drying or curing of the print on the label or tag. These tags need to be dried thoroughly for the best possible results. The final step is the application of liquid polyurethane, which is then allowed to set into its signature dome shape. These labels are used for so many applications, some of which include branding tags on kitchen appliances, machinery, equipment, and even sports accessories like helmets and golf bags. You can also find these tags being used for promotional purposes, with such labels being handed out as stickers at events like trade shows and product launches.

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