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Etched Plates

Etched Plates

Etched Plates

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Etched plates are extremely durable, great for outdoor use and for applications that expose these to harsh environments. These are UV resistant, chemical resistant, and are ideal for various industries that include oil and gas, transportation, and manufacturing, to name a few. Etched metal nameplates are highly durable since the markings on these are eaten into the metal with the use of a mordant, or an acid, that creates the recessed designs into these plates. These designs can be between .003 and .005 inches deep, making these still distincly discernible even when the ink or paint on such plates wear off. Etched metal plates are crafted out of the many different stock metals we have, and these include metals with thicknesses that range from .018 inches to .125 inches. You can have etched plates made as small as you want this, like for desk nameplates or door plates, or as large as you want, like those you see being used as commemorative markers. These can be marked with as intricate a design as you want or as simple as you need, since etching is a marking method that allows for the addition of fine details. You can use these plates for a wide variety of applications, and these include plates used in industrial settings, commercial applications, and even for special needs, like for the creation of badges, emblems, and many more.

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