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Inventory and Asset Tags

Inventory and Asset Tags

Inventory and Asset Tags

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Keeping track of your company’s assets is made easier and more effective with the help of inventory and asset tags. These are essential to any workplace environment, and should always be on hand for when new products, equipment, and supplies come in for your business. Your inventory and asset tags can be made using a wide variety of materials that include metal plates and labeling options. Aside from the material options, you can also select what will go on your tags. You can opt to go the simple route and choose to add only numbers and your company name to these tags. You can also choose to have barcodes added to these to help facilitate the use of barcode scanners, which can also speed up your inventory and tracking process. Another customization option you have with these tags comes in the form of mounting method, with your choices including various adhesives and having holes drilled into these plates for screws and rivets. These tags can carry a wealth of information, which can make your tracking and inventory system more detailed. You can also choose to use destructible vinyl for this particular option, if you want to integrate theft prevention into your asset tag and inventory requirements. These plates require a custom quote.

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