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Vinyl is another of the more popular materials people seek out when they want to have labels created. This popularity comes with a good reason, and that is because of the versatility of this particular material. Vinyl is a type of plastic that is derived from crude oil, and essentially synthetic but comes from natural substances. Also called Polyvinyl Chloride, or PVC, vinyl is a material that was invented in 1920. From the time of invention till today, it has become the second most manufactured plastic worldwide, and is also the second most sold plastic resin too. Vinyl comes with many properties that make it ideal for many uses. For starters, it is resistant to humidity and moisture. It is also a very durable type of plastic, which is probably why many people choose to use it for their labeling needs. Aside from these characteristics, this plastic material is also cost effective, can be manufactured in many different colors, and can even come in a clear variant. One thing some people may not know about vinyl is that this material is actually environmentally friendly. This is because of the fact that vinyl is recyclable. Another reason why this material is considered Earth-friendly is due to the fact that it is derived from natural, renewable substances, like salt. While part of vinyl does come from crude oil, which is considered non-renewable, the amount of this substance in the product is rather small. And since this material is recyclable, there is not that much need to create more of this substance for the needs of those who require vinyl for their many applications.

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